Many people have been scared away from this hobby because they cannot keep fish alive for long. All have an aquarium or pond but don’t have the time or the patience for keeping it clean? Land Under Water makes aquarium keeping even easier and more convenient. We offer a full array of services to help. Our professional team are here to help you make your aquarium keeping as simple and trouble free as possible. We have services to test your water, make sure the right supplements are added to your aquarium, treat parasites, perform system diagnostics, repair broken components, or take care of any issues in your aquarium.
Don’t hesitate to call us @ 9886193509 or call on us to see how we can help.
Almost half of our regularly serviced clients had their aquarium installed and serviced by another company or individual. These clients switched over to us and are now enjoying their aquarium with our outstanding maintenance programmes.
We currently service a large number of aquariums in Bangalore. Also have many clients who like to maintain their aquariums themselves with occasional assistance from us if required. We wish to keep the patronage of clients for life long and carry out the maintenance keeping it in mind. It is our motto to keep your aquarium as beautiful and as healthy as possible.
We offer a comprehensive service package which is designed to keep your aquarium in peak condition and to ensure that the water quality is perfect for your fish. We can also supply you with all appropriate fish foods and other supplies.
Salt-water and Discus fish aquariums are especially sensitive ecosystems and we want to make sure they are thriving and are in optimal condition.
The frequency of maintenance visits vary depending on the client’s level of involvement, the number of fish, and the sophistication of the set-up. Whatever the factors, we will be flexible with the hours and arrange for a schedule to suit your needs.
Alternate days, Weekly, biweekly, monthly or single event services are available. In most cases, our prompt and reliable service visits include: Water testing, Water change, Algae removal, Panel cleaning, Re-decoration of aquarium aqua scape, Vacuum waste from aquarium floor, Adjust pH up or down as required, Evaporation-water addition, Filter and pump servicing, Cleaning / replacing filter media.