It's very important to make sure that your aquarium system meets your decor needs, such as size, shape, and look. It's equally important to make sure that the aquarium system has all the components it needs for a happy and successful aquarium system such as having adequate lighting, filtration, and water quality.
Land Under Water can help you select or custom build the perfect aquarium for you. When it’s time to install the aquarium, we provide professional and quality installation while having a sense of urgency and respect for your time. We will go over every aspect including location, size, shape, cabinetry, equipment, setup, fish and other invertebrates. The installation includes delivery of microbial stock culture so that your aquarium begin to stabilize and mature rapidly. We can help you get the perfect aquarium system that is simply elegant.
We can install a standard sized aquarium commonly seen in fish stores or we could design an aquarium to suit your specific need. For more aquarium design info, see our Aquarium Design page.