LAND UNDER WATER is dedicated for providing beautiful displays of living art which are also in harmony with the room they occupy. Whether it’s a 150 litre or a 6000 litre aquarium, each project is treated as a new opportunity to achieve excellence and exceed expectations. Land Under Water’s quest for knowledge about the latest developments in the aquarium industry and constant exposure to global trends has further driven us to incorporate innovation and style in differently shaped and conceptualized aquariums. Our list of custom designer aquariums include dining table aquarium, upside down aquariums, skin rejuvenating garra fish spa/beauty parlor aquariums, multi-ecosystem aquariums, conference table aquarium, monster fish ponds/aquariums, tea-poy aquariums, pedestal aquariums, room partition aquariums, corner aquariums, hanging aquariums, walk over fish mini ponds, reception counter aquariums and stylish slim wall mounted aquariums. These tanks are snugly fitted in elegantly crafted furniture to suit your interior decor.


⇒ How long does the installation take?
That varies quite a bit. Depending on the size and sophistication, it could take a couple of days, a week, or a few weeks.

⇒ Please give an idea about installation procedure?
Your aquarium will be professionally installed, filled and set up with top quality filtration, heating and lighting equipment, normally this would be around 4 weeks from the date of your order. Your fish can be delivered approximately 10 days after installation, once the water has achieved the right conditions.

⇒ Will you put fish in the tank during installation?
Adding fish simultaneously is at high risk. It’s not recommended in most cases. We would like to give the aquarium a chance to stabilize before adding any fish/invertebrates.

⇒ Do you install small aquariums as well?
Yes. We often install aquariums in offices and homes that are as small as 150 litres.

⇒ What’s the difference between a reef aquarium and the traditional salt-water aquarium?
Reef aquariums contain fish, corals, live rock, shrimp, snails, starfish, and many other critters to create a thriving marine ecosystem. The traditional salt-water aquarium contains fish only with live rock adorn artificial reef ornaments for decoration. Both could be beautiful in their own way, although nothing beats the natural look and diversity of a reef aquarium.

⇒ Does LAND UNDER WATER install salt-water aquariums?
Yes. We install hi-tech salt-water and planted tank fish aquariums san banned items.For additional info click here to read our FAQs on Aquarium Design.