About Us

LAND UNDER WATER was inspired by the mesmerizing spectacle and the vivid colours of fishes and invertebrates. In recent years, with the help of advancements in technology and research, aquariums housing these animals have become a reality.
Our passion for these aquariums and the amazement we see on our clients’ faces has inspired us to learn more about the chemical makeup of different underwater ecosystems and coexistence of these delicate aquatic beings in their world under water. The master brain at the helm of M/s Land Under Water, Shafeeque Basheer did his graduation in Industrial Fish and Fisheries from M. G. University and Post Graduation in Aquaculture from Madras University. He did not quench his quest but expanded the horizon participating in seminars and refresher courses of experts. The passion and fascination for fishery science and the professional expertise gained over the years motivated him to practice.

⇒ Our mission is simple
Design, install, and maintain the most beautiful state-of-the-art natural-looking aquariums, streams, fountains and ponds in South India.


- We believe a free and frank discussion with our clients is the fragrance of business and successful aquarium / water feature.
- We like educating our clients about their aquarium.
- We know that your aquarium's success is our success.
- We strive for the long-term solution and not the quick-fix.
- We keep things as natural as possible. No chemicals.
- We are here to make the animals thrive, not merely survive.

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