Our LAND UNDER WATER team will work with you in designing your perfect aquarium system, deliver it, install it, and make sure that everything is in working order. This makes setting up a LAND UNDER WATER aquarium very easy, quick, and hassle free. We design aquarium tank to suit your decor and we design the tank’s filtration systems to optimize the environment for your fish. From design to installation, our expertise is vital for providing that perfect balance of beauty and seamless function to your water feature. We often provide our clients with quality furniture that matches their home or office décor. When needed, we work together with architects, interior designers, and general contractors to achieve unique installations.

We can design aquariums for those with a limited budget as well as elaborate custom aquariums that are only limited by one’s imagination.We have been in the field since 1999 and during this period have installed hundreds of aquariums across South India in such diverse locations such as offices, private homes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, care homes and schools. We are known throughout South India for expertise, customer support and dedication to the work we do at Land Under Water.We procure fine quality fishes, only from trusted hatcheries, farms and importers in India and abroad. The fishes procured are expertly harvested, packed and delivered to assure you of fine healthy fish.

Our customers come back to us every year. Our fishes are recommended by biologists all over India. We stock and sell only the finest quality fishes at our store. Taking the time to acclimate all new stock brought into the store, and carefully monitoring water parameters ensures that we keep our fish healthy and happy, providing our customers with the widest variety and best quality available in Bangalore. From easy to keep fish to challenging marine life with special requirements, we have something to suit every enthusiast. All the fishes are properly handled and professionally packed to assure you that your fish are in excellent condition during transit till stocking.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of a potential aquarium which you may have in mind then please do not hesitate to contact us.